Mamaia / Romania 06 June 2018
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We can't possibly know everyone and everything, but we are great in counting points and votes . For us , who gets the most points is a winner, the best , the king or the queen . You can be the AW Awards trophy winner . It is only up to you to follow this Guide to Success .

From the start you need to know that you really have chances in winning a trophy . We have the reputation of surprising everyone with our winners . A lot of independent models , small but hard working businesses / companies won at AW Awards . Should we also mention that some of our sponsors left happy for supporting us and our industry , but without any trophy ? Yes , you have big chances on winning an award at the AW , just follow this Guide to Success .

As already mentioned above , our recognition is based on the amount of votes / points you manage to gather . You are free to ask anyone to vote for you , your brother , mother , even your cat if she has an internet connection . Please don't ask people from Nigeria to vote for you . We love Nigerians but we also know that most probably your nigerian vote is a boot or proxy . Don't try to cheat , that is our fist rule of our Guide to Success . You'll end up considering that you had thousands of votes , we will end up deleting all that proxy / fake votes .

Remember , based on our previous shows , most winners got (depending on the category) between 2.000 and 20.000 votes or points to win a trophy . You need to focus and do an amazing job on Social Media .
Getting our attention on social media always helps . Tag us on your facebook or twitter posts . We just love that !

We have tools that can make your life easier :
- generate your personalized / custom voting page and share it in your network .
- use our graphics , banners , nominee badges , etc.
You can find all this tools here .

Some people can help you even more . Search for this people in your network ASAP , as they can vote / give the extra points they have only once (not daily) . This are the AWSummit Business (paid) Registrations , Executive Lounge ticket holders and all the AW Awards Sponsors .
- the sponsors can give a certain amount of points based on their sponsorship level (see sponsorship packages);
- the AWSummit Business Registration (ticket holders) can vote 100 points .
- the AWSummit Executive Lounge (ticket holders) can vote 50 points .
- obviously the ones that have both Business Registration and Executive Access can vote 100+50 = 150 points .

Hope this guide is helpful and also clarifies a lot of aspects . See you in Mamaia / Romania shortly .



There are two different events in two different days during the AWSummit . The AW (Adult Webcam) Awards Gala is reserved only for Live-Cam Models , Studios and Platforms , and the EXEC Awards is designed to award the best executives and services (billing , payment , sofwate , etc).
References : EXEC AWARDS


All EXEC AWARDS sponsors are entitled to give recognition awards to whoever they decide : their models , studios , partners , etc.


The first phase is the nomination . Anyone can be nominated according to the category rules listed bellow (see point 7) . Make a fuzz about your nomination using all your available tools (social media , newsletters , etc.) to accumulate votes / points and accede to the final stage .
Nominations open on March 15 . As faster as you get approved as a nominee , as fast you can promote yourself and get votes . Top 5 or 10 (depending on category) with the most votes - will get into the final (15 april to 15 of May).

A. Only active participants at AWSummit can make nominations for the AW Awards . This is why you need to register with the awsummit.com first (click here to register) .
B. When you are registered and approved you can use your username and password to login (on awsummit.com) and nominate yourself or your company .


We filter the results from the previous phase (nominations) and the most popular (with the most votes) 4 to 10 (depending on the category) will accede to the final phase . You will again need to make a fuzz and ask everyone to vote for yourself or your company . In each category , who will get the most votes will get the trophee on June 6 , in Mamaia / Romania . The show is also broadcasted on internet .


We dedicate our Gala to our industry . This is why , industry people get more weight with their votes . AW-AWARDS sponsors can vote in each category with the amount of points equivalent to their sponsorship level . In adition , all AWSummit Business and Executive Lounge ticket holders also get extra points to use .


The companies and individuals involved in the awards show are not eligible for AW Awards nominations. This includes the show hosts , the AWSummit team and NightProwl Studio (founder studio of AWSummit) .
As regarding cheating , please understand , when you vote for yourself with proxy , we know . Proxy services and IP's are public and we use anti-proxy detector sofwate . Even if technicaly you can vote , in the end all this points (votes) will be removed .


The AW Awards Ceremony will take place at Melody Venue in Mamaia / Romania on June 6 2019 . Access is limited to ticket holders only . If still available , you can purchase tickets from our website .


Live-Cam Girl of the Year - There are many categories for cam-models , but the Queen of the Night will receive the Live-Cam Girl of the Year trophy .
This is the biggest Trophy AW Awards have to offer to a cam girl .
Live-Cam Boy of the Year - Get crowned as the camboy (model) of the year by asking your members to vote for you . Make a fuzz using your social media channels !
Most Innovative Studio - This category is reserved for live-cam studios that are considered trend-setters , innovators , strong brands in our industry .
Live Cam Celebrity - From camgirls to pornstars or amateurs that professionally or occasionally stream online (live-cams) , this is a category for all .
However , you need to be considerated a celebrity by having a very strong presence on social media or / and other platforms .
Best Live-Cam Entertainer - This category is only for Top models from all live-cam platforms as Top Cam Girls are also the Best Entertainers of the Live-Cam Business
Freemium Queen - Dedicated to female (queen) models working on a freemium platforms (tips based business model)
Premium Queen - Dedicated to female (queen) models working on a premium platforms (privates based business model)
Best Newcomer (model) - This category is reserved for the best models that started camming after March 2018 .
Fetish Model of the Year - This category is reserved for top models from fetish categories , inked , roleplay or alternative lifestyle .
Best Live-Cam Couple - Category reserved for couples . We do not discriminate , any couples of any sexual orientations are welcome .
European Live-Cam Model - Only models that are camming from Europe (including CIS) are alowed in this category .
North American Model - Category reserved for models streamming from North America .
Latin American Model - Hola chicas ! This category is reserved only for models (girls) from Latin America
CIS Model of the Year - Only girls from the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) are welcome in this category (Russia , Moldovia , Belarus , Ukraine , etc)
Romanian Live-Cam Model - This category is reserved for live-cam models (girls) from Romania .
Colombian Live-Cam Model - Hola Colombiano ! This category is reserved for models (girls) from Colombia .
Russian Live-Cam Model - This category is reserved for live-cam girls from Russia .
Ukrainian Live-Cam Model - This category is reserved for live-cam models from Ukraine .
Live-Cam Studio of the Year - Any studio is dreaming at this trophy , being the overall International Live-Cam Studio of the Year .
Shining Live-Cam Studio - Small studios are great as well and their hard work should be recognized . This category is reserved for studios with less than 30 active models .
Male Live-Cam Studio of the Year - This category is dedicated to live-cam studios from the LGBT space .
Best Emerging Studio - Category reserved for studios that started in March 2017 (last 2 years) or later .
Best Studio Training Program - Category reserved only for studios with successful training programs , generating top earning models in the live-cam space
Most Professional Studio - Category reserved for studios with a perfect business conduct , demonstrating innovation, excellence and professionalism .
Best Studio Marketing Presence - In this category only studios with a strong presence in the online space , with great and innovative marketing strategies are welcome .
We also welcome studios with a great international presence (at other events and award galas)
Best European Live-Cam Studio - Only studios from Europe (including the CIS space) can be nominated in this category .
Best Latin-American Studio - Category dedicated to live-cam studios from Latin America .
Best CIS Studio - Category reserved for studios in the CIS space (Russia , Ukraine , Belarus , Moldova , etc)
Best Romanian Live-Cam Studio - Who would be crowned as the best Live-Cam Studio from Romania ?
Best Colombian Live-Cam Studio - Hola ! This category is reserved for Live-Cam Studios based in Colombia only .
Best Russian Live-Cam Studio - Who will be crowned as the best Live-Cam studio from Russia ?
Best Ukrainian Live-Cam Studio - Category reserved for Live-Cam Studios from Ukraine .
Live-Cam Site of the Year - This category will designate the best overall live-cam site of the year .
Freemium Platform of the Year - This category is reserved for freemium (tips based business model) live-cam platforms .
Premium Platform or the Year - This category is reserved to websites that offer a free to private business model .
Live-Cam Company of the Year - Outstanding live-cam company (camsite) of the year
Emerging Live-Cam Platform - Category reserved for live-cam platforms with an emerging trend .
Shining Live-Cam Platform - Newer or smaller platforms can shine as well . This category is reserved for live-cam platforms with less than 200 models online .
LGBT Friendly Platform - Category reserved for websites with a strong LGTB community .
Most Innovative Live-Cam Site - Live-Cam platforms with great innovations or pioneers of our industry are welcome in this category .
Best European Live-Cam Platform - Category dedicated to live-cam companies with a strong European community (models esspecialy) and/or with the HQ in Europe .
Best North-American Live Platform - Category dedicated to live-cam companies with a strong North American community (models esspecialy) and/or with the HQ in North America .
Best Glamour Live-Cam Model - Category dedicated to performers with a Glamour style or attitude
Best Live-Cam Reality Show - Like the name states , this category is dedicated to adult live-cam reality shows
Best Live-Cam Internet Brand - Category dedicated to Live-Cam Sites with an astonishing marketing presence both online and offline (events)
Best North American Live-Cam Studio - Category that will determinate the best live-cam studio from North America
Most Exquisite Live-Cam Studio - Category reserved for Live-Cam Studios with an exquisite look and feel
Best Online Support (camsite) - This category will award the best performer and studios support offered by any camsite or platform
Best Business Services - The company that is most accessible , present and friendly to do business with .
Best Broadcasting Software - This category will reveal what live-cam site has the best broadcasting software or interface